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WHO is Teepa Snow?

Teepa Snow plays to a sell out crowd whenever she speaks about Dementia. Her DVDs include how to handle the most challenging types of dementia with the person centered care approach. A particularly difficult subject to discuss is Frontotemporal Dementias or (FTDs) as it deals with the challenges of erratic behavior and the loss of language. This can leave both the caregiver and the patient feeling frustrated and helpless. Teepa Snow's videos actually demonstrate her hands on approach to care-giving using techniques that cannot be explained as well in books. She has a positive approach to understanding all the stages of this disease and explaining the difference in the diseases.

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teepa-snow-dvds Teepa Snow DVDs - It's All In Your Approach

Communicating with a Person Living with Dementia / Alzheimer's!

Price: $45.00

teepa-snow-dvds Teepa Snow DVDs - The Art of Caregiving

A great learning tool on how to care for those with dementia!

Price: $45.00
teepa-snow-dvds Teepa Snow DVDs - End Of Life And Letting Go

Teepa's late stage techniques...

Price: $45.00
teepa-snow-dvds Teepa Snow DVDs - Filling The Day With Meaning

Teepa Shows How To Engage In Activities...

Price: $45.00
teepa-snow-dvds Teepa Snow DVDs - Improving Emergency Service

Teepa teaches emergency personnel how to recognize dementia...

Price: $45.00
teepa-snow-dvds Teepa Snow DVDs - Progression of Dementia: Seeing Gems-Not Just Loss

Learn about needed care during various dementia stages from Teepa...

Price: $45.00
teepa-snow-dementia-dvds Teepa Snow DVDs - The Journey Of Dementia

Covering all essentials about dementia - a must have DVD from Teepa Snow!

Price: $45.00

teepa-snow-dvds Teepa Snow DVDs - Understanding Frontotemporal Dementias 2 DVD Set

Covering all essentials~a must have DVD from Teepa Snow!

Price: $45.00
teepa-snow-dvds-alzheimers Teepa Snow DVDs - In-Home Dementia Care: Tips & Techniques 2 DVD Set

2 DVD set | Teepa focuses on practical tips and ideas for in-home caregivers

Price: $45.00


Included below is a free Teepa Snow's Ebook defining the many forms of dementia along with her downloadable Hospital Bag Checklist.

Teepa Snow's videos are the best learning and management tools for dementia, Alzheimer's or any type of memory loss on the market today.

Her advocacy for person-centered care is all-encompassing, including some of the most challenging types of dementia. One of them, Frontotemporal Dementias (FTDs), is particularly challenging as erratic behaviors and loss of language can leave patient and caregiver feeling frustrated and helpless.

The more you know the better of a caregiver you can be!