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Books + DVDs on Dementia

Books about dementia can be helpful when trying to grasp the many facets of different memory-loss diseases and conditions. Our educational and activity books can range from how to make your home safe to helping those with Alzheimer's retain their creative pastimes...

When looking for a dementia book, we recommend Caring for People with Challenging Behaviors. A real training guide and will help you avoid mistakes!

The Complete Guide to Alzheimer's Proofing Your Home is a great resource guide for dealing with the safety of the home environment as well as the patient and the caregiver. Written by Mark Warner, encompassing years of research, it was the basis for creating and selecting products in our store. Mark uses his architectural background as well as spending time with first-responders to bring the reader first hand research on every topic that a caregiver will encounter.

A fantastic children's book to help explain dementia and Alzheimer's to kids is called Remembering For Both Of Us. A must for those who have grandparents that have been diagnosed with a memory-loss condition.

Some of our books on dementia have been enhanced as a DVD. Bathing Without A Battle and Mouth Care Without a Battle are two of our more popular instructional videos!