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Progression of Dementia

Early Stage

The early stage of any degenerative memory loss disease is difficult to recognize because it may appear to be typical "memory-slips". First gather knowledge and speak with a doctor.

In the early stage when a person starts to become forgetful, misplaces items, gets disoriented and has a more difficult time expressing themselves, it may be time for a caregiver to become familiar with the symptoms of the different brain relate diseases. It is believed that continued physical and mental stimulation can slow down the progression of some conditions. We offer stimulating activities, games, puzzles and other products that support aerobic exercise, hand/eye coordination and brain challenges. Find a selection of our Games, Puzzles and Activities for those with dementia by clicking HERE.

The middle stage of many dementia diseases involve interaction with the caregiver. It is at this time that the patient starts to realize that help is needed to continue living as independently as possible. The caregiver needs to stay educated and focused on the various ways to care for their loved one. We highly recommend Teepa Snow's DVD, 'It's All In Your Approach.' Understanding the slight nuances to behavior can make a large difference in communication. Our selection of Teepa Snow's DVDs can be found HERE.

Wandering is a condition that occurs during this middle stage. S
tart monitoring the location of the patient through the use of motion detectors, communication devices and even GPS monitors. Find MindCare's selection of GPS wandering prevention watches and door alarms HERE. Bathroom and kitchen safety are also of vital importance for the independence and respect of the patient. Through the use of special signage, dinnerware, phones, and medical dispensers, the loved one can have items introduced into their daily habits without them recognizing that something unusual is happening.

The late stage of dementia can be the most dramatic. It is marked by severe physical limitations and loss of verbal skills. Walking and sitting become difficult as well as experiencing delirium and hallucinations. There is a big shift in mood and behavior.

Our senior home safety products help secure every room in your home or facility, from living quarters to bathrooms and bedrooms. From plate guards and weighted cutlery to senior bath products and magnetic locks, our severe dementia care solutions are an affordable way to protect yourself and the afflicted patient in your life. Our drinking straws prevent back-flow and help those with limited suck reflex and are a helpful aid to keep those in the late stages of dementia, hydrated. Find our one-way drinking straws HERE.