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Bathroom safety products are high on the list when a caregiver considers what can make a difference. When caring for dementia patients, the bathroom poses some of the greatest injury risks. For the new caregivers, we offer learning resources to help the affected individual maintain their personal hygiene. We also offer safety products to assist in bathing, such as rinse-free body bath, shampoo, and body wipes. Water usage alarms and toilet overflow alarms are also available to help prevent water damage and accidental slips.
The biggest bathroom danger is the slip/fall and break a bone. This can happen in a split second without warning. A good example is a condition called Stranger in the Mirror. This occurs when the person virtually thinks of themselves in younger years and gets startled when they see themselves in the bathroom mirror. They quickly turn around to see who could be in the mirror behind them as this older version of them is a stranger. When they quickly turn around, they are more likely to fall. For bathroom safety, we recommend removing all mirrors in the room or at least covering them up. Some people go to the extent of removing the cabinet and replacing it with one of our lockable memory boxes.

There are also great options to assist your loved one, such as the anti-scalding device, bathing capes, and the Shampoo in a Cap. The anti-scalding device is not only a great resource to keep the individual from harming themselves, but is also great for the caregiver when regulating temperature. It is very important to check the temperature EVERY time the water is being used because although the temperature can be regulated, how it feels at that time to the patient can change momentarily. Options like the Shampoo in a Cap can assist with an affected individual who does not want to get in to bath or shower. For those with dementia that are comfortable with bathing, however, you can use a bath cape to comfort the individual and provide modesty.

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child senior proof cabinet locks autism alzheimers rev-a-lock Invisible Cabinet Locks w/ Magnetic Key

Keep items locked inside cabinet doors and drawers!

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adult-incontinence-diaper-pail-akord-M330DA Adult Diaper Disposal Basket by Akord

A sanitary way to dispose of soiled adult briefs and rinse cloths!

Price: $89.95

bathing-without-a-battle-dvd Bathing Without a Battle DVD

Essential tutorial from the experts on bath care!

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Sale Price: $49.95
adult-incontinence-diaper-pail-akord-M330DA Adult Diaper Disposal Basket Refills by Akord

Never be without a fresh diaper pail liner!

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anti-scald-devices Anti Scald Device

Prevent burns and keep the bathroom safe!

Price: $89.00

signs-for-bathroom Signs For Bathroom Toilet

Finding the bathroom has never been easier!

Price: $72.95
mouth-care-without-a-battle-dvd Mouth Care Without A Battle DVD Training Video

Instructional DVD for oral hygiene!

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extra-key-invisible-cabinet-lock Invisible Cabinet Lock - Extra Key

Always a good idea to have an extra magnetic-key!

Price: $7.95
automatic-faucet-control Automatic Faucet Control

Turn on and off the water with a gentle push!

Price: $24.95

no-rinse-body-bath-dementia No Rinse Bath Concentrate

Make bathing less stressful!

Price: $2.95

shampoo-in-a-cap-for-seniors Shampoo In A Cap

Easy to wash and condition hair without a shower!

Price: $16.95
no-rinse-shampoo-dementia No Rinse Shampoo

An easy, water-free shower!

Price: $2.95