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Simple Music Player
simple to use music player for Alzheimer's, dementia, stroke, arthritis and the elderly
​Pre-loaded with big band tunes. Also great for listening to audio books in MP3 format!

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Easy to use and pre-loaded with music. Lift the lid to play!

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Simple Music Player for Those with Dementia

Playing music to those with dementia vastly improves their cognizance and lucidity - the effects can be dramatic, and are widely recognized by dementia and Alzheimer's professionals. Research has confirmed the benefits of providing people who have dementia with music they remember, and to offer it in an easy-to-use way. Quality of life at home, mental well-being and independent living are just some of the benefits of having an easy to use source of music!

  • Simple to Use: lift the lid to PLAY, use the big button to SKIP, close the lid to STOP
  • Preset big band songs (about 40) are included. MP3 music is easily updated and changed over a USB cord
  • No software to install, just drag and drop your new music from your computer
  • Holds 4GB of music, nearly 1000 songs!

The Simple Music Player was designed specifically for those with dementia and has also shown great benefit to those with Autism, Stroke and for seniors. It is extremely easy to use even when a lack of dexterity is an issue. The volume is set by family members or caregivers and cannot, accidentally, be changed.

The retro styling is reminiscent of old radios and is instantly recognizable as something which plays music. It's
durable construction consists of a strong wooden enclosure with a high-strength plastic covering. The speaker grille is cloth and reinforced with a steel mesh to avoid damage to the speaker inside. Rubber feet keep the player from slipping. Wipe with a damp cloth to clean!

Easy to Use Music Player for Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients

See the Real Benefit of Our Simple Music Player!
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How to Upload Your Own Music!
Instructional Information


Three Simplified Controls to Operate

  • Start playing music - simply lift the lid
  • Skip song - (optional) press the big button
  • Stop the music - close the lid
  • The music will always continue from where it was last stopped

Anti-Tamper Volume Control

  • To adjust the volume, using a pencil or similar to press and hold one of the buttons underneath the player
  • After 5 seconds the volume will begin to increase or decrease, so it can be set to the appropriate level

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I use an Apple MAC. I've deleted some files but they still play. How do I delete them?

A. This is easy, but it has to do with how Apple works and nothing to do with the Simple Music Player or any other standard MP3 player for that matter.

How to I delete music files - for Apple users only

This is easily resolved but it’s an issue that occurs with many Apple users on many different devices and it really is a computer issue, not a Music Player one. Just by means of explanation ... the Simple Music Player looks and plays all the compatible files it finds on its internal memory regardless of which directory or folder they are in. The problem arises because Apple iOS doesn't actually delete the files when you press the 'delete' key, but creates a hidden sub-folder called '.trash' or '.trash-1000' and simply moves them into that folder. While you can't see the files, they still exist and so the music player is finding them and playing them.

To resolve the problems you have two choices:

1) empty the .trash folder. There is information how to do this at www.thexlab.com/faqs/trash.html#Anchor-Force-1148... for example.

2) (***** Preferred *****) reformat the Simple Music Player memory card (this will delete everything on the Simple Music Player) and then drag and drop the music you want back onto it again.

How to reformat? The Simple Music Player acts exactly the same as if it’s a USB stick or flash drive plugged into your machine, so formatting is just the same operation.

There are lots of tutorials on the web (again this is a 'how to operate your computer' problem) - try this one www.pcadvisor.co.uk/how-to/storage/how-format-usb... and your problems should be solved. There's a very clear video at youtu.be/ac3jaZ7DjGg if you prefer video help.


Q. Does it work in USA/UK/Europe/Asia/Australia?

A. Units are supplied anywhere in the world but you may need to acquire an adapter to work with the US power supply.

Q. How many tunes can be uploaded?

A. The internal memory is set at 4GB. Obviously the length of individual songs has an influence on the capacity. To some extent this is an academic question since most people with dementia are more than happy with a much smaller song list of say 25 to 40 tunes.

Q. Can it use headphones?

A. There is a headphone socket provided in the rear of the unit. Plugging in headphones immediately cuts out the main speaker. The socket is the light green one, the same as on your computer.

Q. Dad can't move his hands very much. Is there any way he can use it?

A. We have provided two sockets in the back panel which over-ride the ’ON/OFF’ and ’NEXT TRACK’ controls. Switches from OT suppliers are readily available but please remember this does require a higher level of cognizance to operate than many people with dementia.

Q. I do not have files in MP3 format. What do I do?

A. There are many free file converters which can be downloaded from the internet, which convert your music into MP3 format. Don’t be too concerned about which version of MP3 file you have, the ’Simple Music Player’ handles them all. However, for best results convert you files into mono and choose a higher bit rate (greater than 125kHz). Here is a short list of third party providers (we have no responsibility for their operation): Koyotesoft; Online-convert.com; DVDVideoSoft; and NCH Switch MP3

Q. When I use remote switches it stops when I press switch but starts when I release is again?

A. You have the main lid open. To use external or remote switches you need the lid to be in the down position.

Q. Do you know if/how to change the order of the songs the player plays? Does it always go back to the first song? Any way it can "shuffle?"

A. We purposely don't have a shuffle function due to our front end research. The intent of the music player is to leave it permanently plugged in so that it plays in a complete loop (and doesn't require the additional operation of plugging the power in to make it work, for the person with dementia). Generally we have found that most people with dementia only require between 25 and 40 tunes and the familiarity of the cycle is more positive than a random choice. When it is stopped by lowering the lid, it will restart from that position (i.e. not from the beginning)

Obviously as a cognizant person if you keep switching it on at the mains and it starts playing the same tune then it becomes monotonous but this isn't what we've found with people with dementia. The continual loop of familiar music is far more associative than a random shuffle facility. The requirement for 'shuffle' tends to be the desire of a fully cognizant person, not the intended user.

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Average Rating: Average Rating: 5 of 5 5 of 5 Total Reviews: 46 Write a review »

5 of 5 Great Idea January 5, 2024
Reviewer: Cynthia Moore from Germantown, TN United States  
Bought it for my mom who has dementia.  I was able to load her favorite music.  She loves it so much and plays the radio all the time.  It's very easy for her to operate even though she's legally blind.

4 of 5 Simpli Radio April 17, 2023
Reviewer: Audrey from Brewster, NY United States  
This is a games changer for my mom, 92 with dementia, she smiling singing and more alert. The one disappointment is the one button to switch the song is already loose after just 2 weeks.
We are happy to hear that the music player has been well received! The large button is designed as a removable part. You can pry up the tan casing and re-center the button or even replace it in the future. It's designed to come apart in case it is dropped or needs repair. Hope this helps! - MindCare

5 of 5 Everything We'd Hoped March 14, 2023
Reviewer: Suzanne from Colorado Springs, CO United States  
Our parents dreaded downsizing, especially Dad leaving his built-in sound system. We talked about Bose, promising we could recreate the quality system he'd built, but smaller, and he'd enjoy his CDs again.  We got them settled and I started shopping for a new, smaller sound system. Bose was pricey, but worse,  it has an easy-to-lose remote & complex operation - Dad's condition has gone from mild to moderate.

Then we came across the Simple Music Player.  The sound quality was a gamble, and I worried about downloading Dad's CDs, but the price was good, so we gave it a try.  We're so glad we did! The sound is super and downloading Dad's CDs took me 1 day - whew!  Best of all, Dad is so proud he can operate his own music and is absolutely transported listening and humming along to his favorites now. We would highly recommend the Simple Music Player, no reservations.

5 of 5 Simple Music Player March 10, 2023
Reviewer: Liz Adams from Raymond, NH United States  

5 of 5 Everything they say is true March 9, 2023
Reviewer: Filomena Wright from Garland , TX United States  
It was easy to use and download new music. Everything they advertised is true. It's easy to use. It came quickly and I was able to charge it to my amazon card!!

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