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5 of 5 Music box everything they said it was June 24, 2024
Reviewer: John W Supple from Oxford, MS United States  
Bought this for my mom who was having terrible trouble with her alexa and phone.  This was absolutely perfect, and exactly what she needed.  Easy to upload and very, very easy to operate.  Highly recommend - music is something in the past for our loved ones to hold on to. Remember to NOT have the unit powered when you're uploading files - the instructions were'nt clear on this or perhaps I just overlooked it.  Splendid product!

5 of 5 Great Idea January 5, 2024
Reviewer: Cynthia Moore from Germantown, TN United States  
Bought it for my mom who has dementia.  I was able to load her favorite music.  She loves it so much and plays the radio all the time.  It's very easy for her to operate even though she's legally blind.

4 of 5 Simpli Radio April 17, 2023
Reviewer: Audrey from Brewster, NY United States  
This is a games changer for my mom, 92 with dementia, she smiling singing and more alert. The one disappointment is the one button to switch the song is already loose after just 2 weeks.
We are happy to hear that the music player has been well received! The large button is designed as a removable part. You can pry up the tan casing and re-center the button or even replace it in the future. It's designed to come apart in case it is dropped or needs repair. Hope this helps! - MindCare

5 of 5 Everything We'd Hoped March 14, 2023
Reviewer: Suzanne from Colorado Springs, CO United States  
Our parents dreaded downsizing, especially Dad leaving his built-in sound system. We talked about Bose, promising we could recreate the quality system he'd built, but smaller, and he'd enjoy his CDs again.  We got them settled and I started shopping for a new, smaller sound system. Bose was pricey, but worse,  it has an easy-to-lose remote & complex operation - Dad's condition has gone from mild to moderate.

Then we came across the Simple Music Player.  The sound quality was a gamble, and I worried about downloading Dad's CDs, but the price was good, so we gave it a try.  We're so glad we did! The sound is super and downloading Dad's CDs took me 1 day - whew!  Best of all, Dad is so proud he can operate his own music and is absolutely transported listening and humming along to his favorites now. We would highly recommend the Simple Music Player, no reservations.

5 of 5 Simple Music Player March 10, 2023
Reviewer: Liz Adams from Raymond, NH United States  

5 of 5 Everything they say is true March 9, 2023
Reviewer: Filomena Wright from Garland , TX United States  
It was easy to use and download new music. Everything they advertised is true. It's easy to use. It came quickly and I was able to charge it to my amazon card!!

5 of 5 The Perfect Gift January 31, 2023
Reviewer: Chad Starr from San Antonio, TX United States  
Bought this music player for my brother's 81st birthday. He was hospitalized with dementia, but the music player put a smile on his face. I pre-loaded over 200 songs from his younger days and he has a ball. Easy to load music, easy to operate, and built to last. Highly recommend it!

5 of 5 Best decision EVER November 29, 2022
Reviewer: Karen from Adena, OH United States  
My mom, 93, is in a nursing home and she was so bored, my sisters and I bought the music player for her and she absolutely LOVES it. It couldn't be more simple to use, she wants to listen, open the lid, someone comes into her room to talk she closes the lid. We feel this player is the BEST gift we could've ever given her. Very easy to download music, the sound quality is really good. Highly recommend!

5 of 5 Cherished music box! March 17, 2022
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Pennsylvania  
We ordered this for our 96 yr-old mom who is in a skilled nursing facility. Her vision is poor so TV is not really an option. We downloaded her favorite classical music CD's onto the music player and combined with the pre-loaded 40's-era music, she is a happy camper!  She listens with headphones. The other day she was listening to her music while talking to her robotic cat who was purring... :) The player is PERFECT, so easy for both her and the staff to operate. THANK YOU, again, for these wonderful products.

4 of 5 Simple Music Player August 31, 2021
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
I love this music box! It is so simple to use, for my 100-year-old friend that is necessary. I just wish the sound quality was a bit better.  All in all, it is a wonderful device.

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