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5 of 5 OBESSED January 9, 2024
Reviewer: Lauren C from New York, NY  
I bought this as a Christmas present for my 6 year old niece and she is absolutely OBESSED! She loves how cute it is and that you can actually feel and hear it "breathe".

5 of 5 January 27, 2022
Reviewer: Diane Duff from Hudson, OH United States  

5 of 5 Pet Dog January 12, 2022
Reviewer: Ms E from San Francisco, CA United States  
My mother loves her pet dog. She sleeps with it and brushes the hair. It is her companion for night time sleeping. She finds comfort in having him lay on the table as she is eating and while she sleeps.

5 of 5 - August 26, 2021
Reviewer: Kathleen Papenberg from Ballwin, MO United States  
My husband has Alzheimer's and while I would love to have a real pet for him just taking care of hubby is a full time job. I purchased this pet for him. It's done wonders. He talks to his "Queenie" all the time. Was well worth the purchase.

5 of 5 Comfort in the time of grief August 3, 2021
Reviewer: Sherry N.  
My 92 year old confused mother had to euthanize her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel after he developed diabetes and she could no longer take care of him.  Prior to this horrible separation I sought some sort of comfort animal to help her through it.  I happened upon the MindCare website and found a perfect look alike Cav. that actually appeared to breathe and made a soft snoring sound and came with a little brush.  The experience with MindCare was seamless and the response time incredibly quick.  Mom has found much comfort in this little friend during her time of grief.  I highly recommend this company and their product.

5 of 5 5 stars March 1, 2021
Reviewer: Dolores Pasko from Dalton, PA United States  
I bought this dog as a birthday gift for my granddaughter. She loves animals, especially dogs, and the charles spaniel. She cant have any pets but a fish. Needless to say, the dog was a big hit. He sleeps by her bed and she loves cuddling it.

5 of 5 Great gift for Memory Care Parent October 5, 2020
Reviewer: ANNA from , GA United States  
I ordered the Cocker  Spaniel doggie for my Mom who is in Memory Care.  She absolutely loved  it!!!!
I am thrilled that  I made the right choice for her birthday!!! I will definitely check the site out again for future gifts for her

4 of 5 Product perfect petzzz dog King Charles August 8, 2020
Reviewer: mary gearhart from DENVER, CO United States  
The dog is darling.  My mom talks to him a lot but she doesn't like to hold him because he isn't squishy.  She thinks he is cute and it met my goal of Giving her a companion.

Reviewer: Tracey from South Carolina  
Purchased this for my 89 yr old mother-in-law suffering from Dementia. What an amazing reaction we got from this soft, cuddly, breathing little puppy!!! He sits on her lap and she pets him and keeps her hand on his breathing belly. She is calm and relaxed now. Such an incredible difference from the anxiety she was dealing with. I highly recommend this product.

4 of 5 Very soft and content June 1, 2020
Reviewer: Phyllis Kenes from New Milford, CT United States  
She doesn't bark.  Very soft and content.  Like to pet her!

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