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5 of 5 Therapy Cat February 28, 2023
Reviewer: Polly from Lakewood, OH United States  
Easy purchase - fast delivery - product perfect!!!!!!

5 of 5 Puppy and Kitty Cat January 6, 2023
Reviewer: Sherry Wegren from Libertyville, Illinois  
I bought the golden puppy for Mom because she loves dogs and previously owned a Golden Retriever. This pup was instantly loved! Mom talks to it, pets it and snuggles with it. Her caregivers love it, too! This pup makes Mom happy. The best gift ever! (Mom has dementia) I bought the kitty for our best friend who loves cats and is struggling with some health issues right now. He immediately called to report how lifelike and interactive it is! He couldn't stop raving about it! Little did I know that if looked exactly like his first cat, Fluffy!!! I think his exact words were, "where did you ever find this? It sure is a winner!"

5 of 5 October 24, 2022
Reviewer: Kim Greig from Amherstview , ON Canada  

5 of 5 I Love My Data Dog August 31, 2022
Reviewer: Linda from New York  
I named my dog Data, after the Star Trek robot character.  I love this little guy.  I'm 73 yrs old and I suffer from mental illness.  I brought Data with me to my psychiatrist visit and my doctor loved him!  I gave him the info so he could tell his other patients about these animals.  Just holding Data and hearing him bark, makes me feel so relaxed and happy to have him in my arms.

5 of 5 August 10, 2022
Reviewer: NANCY from Verona, PA United States  
My sister with dementia loves her Therapy Cat.  She has become more interactive since having it.  Her fellow residents at her assisting living location enjoy it also.

5 of 5 Animated pet Cat February 22, 2022
Reviewer: LaTonya for Della from Huntsville, AL United States  
Ordered this item for a resident in a Longterm Care Facility...She had been a previous cat owner.  When given to her she lit up like a light bulb with tears in her eyes; but when the animation started she was uncontrollably excited!
Product is great!

5 of 5 Big orange tabby cat; new forever pet! February 11, 2022
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Greensburg, PA  
Love this kitty!  It has a sweet expression and its movements are very lifelike...and the purring will be so comforting to our mom who is now in long-term care.  This robotic pet has exceeded all of my expectations! Thank you for such a great product!

5 of 5 Meow November 2, 2021
Reviewer: Cynthia Simmons from Orlando , FL United States  
This is the third kitty I bought. I own one and bought 2 for family mental.
I love my cat. He is very alert and very attentive.

I also bought a kitty for my mom. She is in love with Jenny. She carries her everywhere she goes. It is the best thing that I have bought for her. Jenny makes her so happy.

I purchased all three cats from Mind Care. I feel I have a personal relationship with this company. If I call or email I always hear from someone. It's a very good company.

If I could work as a sales representative for Mind Care, I believe that with my sales ability and passion I could sell a lot of products for them.

Thank you,

5 of 5 Dog and a cat October 27, 2021
Reviewer: Bobby Daryaie from San Diego, CA United States  
The product is awesome, my daughter loves it

5 of 5 Cat October 19, 2021
Reviewer: PJ OVERTON from Vancouver, WA United States  
Purchased the orange/white cat for my step-mom who has dementia.  This mechanical cat looks pretty real, moves great, and meows/purrs like a cat.  It has helped her not having a cat anymore.  A great development and so glad you have this available.

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