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5 of 5 Service Above and Beyond April 28, 2021
Reviewer: Troy McKenzie  
... Great communication, very helpful staff. Thanks for providing products for people who really don't have many other user friendly options. The Day/Night Clock is just perfect for someone who is having problems with sleep patterns and not knowing if it is day or night. The clock doesn't lie.....

4 of 5 Simple and plain February 12, 2017
Reviewer: Ingrid from Calgary, AB Canada  
Easy to use and easy to read for older folks.
Different colors for the hour and the minute hand would be useful.

5 of 5 Great for my Grandmother! March 1, 2016
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from CA United States  
My grandmother is immobile in a nursing home. Because the lights never go off, and she rarely leaves her bed, she is unaware if it is daytime or nighttime. Often, I would receive calls at 3:30am because she thought it was 3:30pm. With the sun and moon displays, she no longer has to guess. Also, I was afraid the drawings would be too child-like but was very pleased when the clock came. It looks very professional!

5 of 5 Day Night clock February 10, 2016
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Hooksett, NH  
Very pleased with size and style.

4 of 5 Day/Night Clock November 30, 2015
Reviewer: Kim Morzinski from Racine, WI United States  
The clock is nice.  My only recommendation is bigger print on the Day, Afternoon, Night wording.  Too small to read from a distance.

5 of 5 Day/Night clock May 11, 2015
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Vestal, NY United States  
Great clock.  I would have liked the area that shows "night" "day" etc. to be a little bigger. I am hoping that this solves my mom's problem of getting up in the middle of the night and getting dressed for breakfast because she thinks it's morning.  But who knows if she will actually look at the clock or not...