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When the middle stages of memory-loss is reached, people have a difficult time keeping up with abstract ideas or fast conversations. As a result, they tend to make odd statements and repeat questions or stories. In public, they fear making a mistake, so they often resort to only using yes or no responses. It is important to keep the mind active during all stages of dementia, but the mid-stage poses additional unique challenges. Patients do not always make it to the bathroom during the middle stages of dementia, so we sell mattress and seat protectors. Many of our products help caregivers assist patients with bathing and other daily tasks including keeping patients hygienic. MindCare also offers additional tools that simultaneously preserve patient's dignity and keep them active and engaged

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simple to use music player for Alzheimer's, dementia, stroke, arthritis and the elderly Simple Music Player

Pre-loaded music player with simplified controls!

Price: $184.95

automatic-pill-medication-dispenser-medready Automatic Pill Dispenser by MedReady

Senior safety - prevent accidental double dosing!

Price: $149.00

door-alarm-with-keypad Door Alarm with Keypad

Help prevent wandering at every exit!

Price: $29.95

door-alarm-monitor-and-remote-plug-in-alarm Door Alarm | Monitor with Remote Plug-In Alarm - Set

Easy to install and expand... with no wires!

Price: $44.95
Sale Price: $39.95
Savings: $5.00

tv-remote-control-for-seniors TV Remote for Seniors

Large, simplified buttons keeps TV stress-free!

Price: $44.95

child-senior-proof-cabinet-locks Invisible Cabinet Lock

Keep items locked inside cabinet doors and drawers!

Price: $17.95
confounding-door-lock-for-seniors Door Guardian

A clever door lock to prevent wandering!

Price: $27.95

twiddles-activity-muffs-Alzheimer's-dementia Twiddle Activity Muff

A soothing activity for the hands!

Price: $49.95

Medication Lock Box Medication Lock Box for Seniors

Help prevent abuse or overdose of medications!

Price: $49.95

DayClox-dementia-alzheimers-digital-calendar-day-clock Digital Calendar Day Clock | DayClox

Large, bold letters spell out the time, day & date!

Price: $109.00

stove-fire-prevention Stove Fire Prevention by FireAvert

Help protect from dangerous stove fires!

Price: $149.95
Sale Price: $144.95
Savings: $5.00

automatic stove shut off device for seniors with Alzheimer's or dementia Intelligent Stove Shut Off Device by iGuardStove

Auto shut off for electric stoves!

Price: $595.00
medical-alert-pendant-mobile Mobile Medical Alert Pendant - Belle

Protect your loved-ones with this responsive pendant!

Price: $39.95
Activation Fee: $35.00
magic painting book for Alzheimer's, dementia, stroke, Autism and seniors with Arthritis Magic Painting Book

Stimulate creative minds!

Price: $15.00

one-button-dementia-radio One Button Radio

A simple way to listen to one's favorite radio station!

Price: $128.95

adult-incontinence-diaper-pail-akord-M330DA Adult Diaper Disposal Basket by Akord

A sanitary way to dispose of soiled adult briefs and rinse cloths!

Price: $99.95
Art Ball Fidget Activity ART Ball Activity Game

A great activity to keep creative minds stimulated!

Price: $29.95

musical-therapy-bear Blaney - Musical Therapy Bear

Music therapy and a companion in one!

Price: $99.95
GPS Tracking Device for Seniors - MX-LOCare Tracking GPS Watch - MX-LOCare

Covered by most insurance plans!

Price: $159.99

dementia - classic oldies songs - collection Classic Oldies Songs - Music Collection

100's of Classic Oldies Songs!

Price: $95.00
paint with water dementia activity book Paint with Water Activity Book Set

A no mess art activity that can be used over and over!

Price: $34.95

Busy Work Board Alzheimer's Dementia Activity Busy Work Board - Alzheimer's Activity

Keeping busy is essential to prevent boredom + isolation!

Price: $99.95

Hobby Art and Life Station for Alzheimer's and Dementia Hobby + Life Station | Art

Great for the creative artist!

Price: $1,675.95
Hobby Handy Work and Life Station for Alzheimer's and Dementia Hobby + Life Station | Handy Work

Great for handy(wo)men!

Price: $1,150.95
Hobby Garden Work and Life Station for Alzheimer's and Dementia Hobby + Life Station | Garden Work

Great for the green thumb!

Price: $1,150.95
Hobby Laundry Work and Life Station for Alzheimer's and Dementia Hobby + Life Station | Laundry

Great for keeping busy!

Price: $1,150.95
comfort weighted gravity blanket for Alzheimer's, Autism and Anxiety Weighted Blanket | Anxiety + Sleep Therapy

Soft & Comforting - Helps to relieve stress!

Price: $145.95
Sale Price: $135.95
Savings: $10.00

Adult magic painting book for Alzheimer's, dementia, stroke, Autism and Elderly. Christmas theme! Magic Painting Book | Christmas

The perfect holiday gift!

Price: $15.00

Alzheimer's dementia patient digital calendar day clock Calendar + Day Clock | Alzheimer's + Dementia

Always know the time, day & date!

Price: $119.95
gps-locator-tracking-watch-for-seniors-lok8u Freedom GPS Locator Watch by Lok8u

Sport-style watch to help prevent wandering!

Price: $249.95
Sale Price: $199.95
Savings: $50.00

fiddle-hand-muffs-Alzheimers-dementia-twiddle-activity Fiddle Hand Muffs

Two Fiddle Muff styles to choose from!

Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $44.95
Savings: $5.00

memory-picture-phone Memory Picture Phone - Amplified

Ideal for seniors with dementia!

Price: $49.95

automatic-pill-dispenser Pill Box Dispenser by MED-E-LERT

Safely dispense daily medications!

Price: $79.95
reminder-rosie-voice-controlled-alarm-clock Reminder Rosie Voice Controlled Alarm Clock

Talking alarm clock speaks customized reminders!

Price: $99.95

home-medical-alert-system Home Medical Alert - ResponseNow

Allow independent living and added security!

Price: $29.95
Busy Work Board Alzheimer's Dementia Lap Activity Busy Work Board - Lap Activity

Great activity for the lap or table top!

Price: $49.95

Joy For All senior comfort-companion-doll-pet-therapy Joy For All Companion Therapy Pets

Moves, purrs + soothes like a real pet!

Price: $139.95

wall-flip-clock-with-day-and-date-Alzheimers Wood Wall Flip Clock | Day and Date

Large format is east to read!

Price: $199.95
wall-clock-with-day-and-date-alzheimers Wall Clock With Day and Date

Clearly shows the day, date & time!

Price: $199.95

patient-monitor-with-remote-voice-alert Senior Monitor with Remote Voice Alert

Monitor movements and prevent wandering!

Price: $152.95
Aromatherapy slap bracelet w/ Lava Stone for kids w/ Autism or seniors with dementia & Alzheimer's Aromatherapy Bracelet | Lava Stone + Oil Kit

Individualized + wearable aromatherapy!

Price: $29.95
Sale Price: $24.95
Savings: $5.00

dial-less-phone Dial-less Telephone

Prevents excessive calling from those with dementia!

Price: $59.95

wireless-motion-detector-with-remote-alarm-Alzheimers-wandering Wireless Motion Detector w/ Wander Alarm

Help prevent wandering with motion detection!

Price: $79.95

activity-lap-pillow Activity Pillow

Great to keep busy and restless hands active!

Price: $75.95

comfort-companion-doll-pet-therapy Comfort Companion Therapy Pets

Weighted + scented companions!

Price: $49.95
activity-handyman-box-alzheimers-tinker-activity Handyman Activity Box for Dementia

Great for men, builders and tinkerers!

Price: $79.00

refrigerator-latches Refrigerator Latches

Discreet safety latch to prevent fridge access!

Price: $12.95

adult-incontinence-diaper-pail-akord-M330DA Adult Diaper Disposal Basket Refills by Akord

Never be without a fresh diaper pail liner!

Price: $29.95
comfort-companion-doll-therapy Comfort Companion Therapy Dolls

Weighted + scented companions!

Price: $49.95
aromatherapy patches for seniors Aromatherapy Patches for Seniors

A great way to deliver individualized aromatherapy!

Price: $49.95

bibs for adults with Alzheimers Adult Bibs | Reversible

Great for dining & craft projects - waterproof, stylish and reversible!

Price: $19.95
Aromatherapy essential oils for kids w/ Autism or seniors with dementia & Alzheimer's Essential Oils | Aromatherapy for Body + Mind

100% Pure essential oils!

Price: $14.95
pad-with-wireless-remote-alarm-for-beds-and-chairs Wireless Remote Alarm Pad for Bed and Chairs

Alarm sounds when weight is lifted from the pads!

Price: $225.95

anti-scald-devices Anti Scald Device

Prevent burns and keep the bathroom safe!

Price: $51.95
desktop-Alzheimers-clock-with-day-and-date Desk Clock with Day and Date

An easy reminder of the time, day and date!

Price: $119.95

vinyl-door-murals Book Case Door Mural - Fire-Rated

A clever way to prevent wandering!

Price: $184.95

extra-battery-for-medication-dispenser Automatic Medication Dispenser - Extra Battery

Be prepared with an extra battery for all MedReady Medication Dispensers!

Price: $15.00
extra-key-for-medication-dispenser Automatic Medication Dispenser - Extra Key

An extra key is always handy!

Price: $4.00

extra-lid-medication-dispenser Automatic Medication Dispenser - Replacement Lid

Easy to replace... keep an extra on hand!

Price: $18.00
replacement-tray-for-medication-dispenser Automatic Medication Dispenser - Extra Tray Carousel and Cover

An extra tray carousel and cover are great for storage and replacement!

Price: $18.00

grab-and-pull Grab-N-Pull Seat Belt Reacher

Very helpful gadget to help with the seatbelt!

Price: $7.95
firerated-door-mural-american-icon American Icon Door Mural - Fire-Rated

A unique solution to deter dementia wandering!

Price: $184.95
teepa-snow-dvds Teepa Snow DVDs - It's All In Your Approach

Communicating with a Person Living with Dementia / Alzheimer's!

Price: $39.90

day-night-clock Day and Night Clock

Prevent the mistake of knowing if it's day or night!

Price: $79.95

thumball-memory-activity Thumball Memory Activity

Fun and excersise for seniors!

Price: $14.50

safety-glassware Safety Glassware

Enjoy the look and feel of glass drink-ware!

Price: $10.00
ungame-for-seniors Ungame for Seniors

Helps people connect as they discover things in common!

Price: $9.99

gel-wave-pad Gel-Wave Activity Pad

Gel Wave Pad keeps hands busy and dexterous!

Price: $29.95
mouth-care-without-a-battle-dvd Mouth Care Without A Battle DVD

Instructional DVD for oral hygiene!

Price: $69.95

dinnerware-for-seniors Dinnerware

Dinnerware with a ceramic look & feel that won't break!

Price: $7.50
gps-locator-watch-for-wandering GPS Locator Watch by TRiLOC

Quick alerts in the convenince of a watch!

Price: $399.95
Sale Price: $199.95
Savings: $200.00

gps-smart-sole GPS Smart Sole

Discreet GPS tracking and monitoring device!

Price: $299.00
door-alarm-monitor-add-on Door Alarm Monitor Add Ons

Expand with additional components!

Price: $24.95

extra-key-invisible-cabinet-lock Invisible Cabinet Lock - Extra Key

Always a good idea to have an extra magnetic-key!

Price: $7.95
stop-sign-for-doors Door Stop Sign

A great visual aid to prevent roaming!

Price: $24.95
adult-incontinence-underwear Adult Overnight Underwear

Great for overnight!

Price: $85.00

activity-apron Activity Apron

Keeps hands busy!

Price: $55.50
plumbers-pal-pipes Plumbers Pal Pipes

Handy building activity!

Price: $24.95

refrigerator-lock Refrigerator Lock For Adults - with Padlock

Heavy-Duty Refrigerator Lock for kitchen safety!

Price: $35.95

puzzle-for-seniors 36 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzles help stimulate the mind and the hands!

Price: $14.95

memory-phone Memory Phone

Helps making calls to familair faces!

Price: $64.95

automatic-faucet-control Automatic Faucet Control

Turn on and off the water with a gentle push!

Price: $19.95
extra-motion-detector-for-senior-monitor Extra Motion Detector - Voice Alert

Expand your Voice Alert system with additional motion detectors!

Price: $65.00
conversation-picture-cards Conversation Starter Cards | Full Set

Great conversation builder!

Price: $69.95

wireless-remote-alarm-replacement-pads Replacement Pads for Mat with Wireless Remote Alarm

Keep extra pads on hand!

Price: $67.50
wireless-alarm-mat-for-floor Floor Mat with Alarm

Helps to prevent wandering at the source!

Price: $225.00
jumbo-slide-slot-bingo-cards Jumbo Slide-Slot Bingo Cards

Extra-Large format with no pieces to lose!

Price: $29.95
motion-detector-night-light AliMed Motion Sensor Night Light

Reduce nighttime falls - detects motion!

Price: $39.95
automatic-oven-control Automatic Stove/Oven Control by CookStop

CookStop turns the stove off when forgotten!

Price: $449.00

do-not-enter-sign-for-wandering Do Not Enter Sign

Discourage Wandering - Do Not Enter Sign

Price: $24.95
doll-therapy-elephant Therapeutic Elephant

A comforting way to provide heat, cold, and aromatherapy!

Price: $34.95
doll-therapy-teddy-bear Therapeutic Teddy Bear

Added weight and soothing aromatherpy helps calm and keep company!

Price: $59.95
doll-therapy-teddy-bears Therapeutic Junior Teddy Bear

A customer favorite... in a smaller package!

Price: $39.00
non-slip-placemats-dementia Table Setting Placemat - Non-Slip

Non-Slip and a gentle placement reminder!

Price: $19.95
physical-therapy-t-shirts-for-men Physical Therapy T-Shirt - Men

Makes dressing and undressing easy for Men recovering from injury, broken bones or surgery!

Price: $85.95
Physical Therapy Pants for Men - Reboundwear Physical Therapy Pants for Men - Reboundwear

Reboundwear Men's Pants have side seam zippers, providing easy access to waist, hips, and upper and lower legs!

Price: $95.95
Physical Therapy Jacket for Women Physical Therapy Jacket - Women

Reboundwear Women's Jacket allows easy access to the torso while keeping warm!

Price: $95.95
post-shoulder-surgery-clothing-shirt-for-women Post Shoulder Surgery Women's Shirt - Reboundwear

Reboundwear Women's Top allows easy access to the torso, neck and shoulders!

Price: $85.95
Physical Therapy Pants for Women - Reboundwear Physical Therapy Pants for Women - Reboundwear

Reboundwear pants allow easy access and great for physical therapy!

Price: $95.95
Lightweight Rolling Walker with Seat Lightweight Rolling Walker by Drive®

Lightweight design makes walking easier!

Price: $159.95
silver-sport-wheelchair Wheelchair Silver Sport

Economical, safe and lightweight!

Price: $199.99
portable-bedside-commode Portable Folding Commode - Drive Medical

Opens and folds flat for easy storage and transportation!

Price: $99.95
toilet-safety-rails Toilet Safety Rails

Toilet safety rails, easy to install!

Price: $85.50
wrap-with-pockets Wrap with Pockets

A comfortable and stylish wrap!

Price: $78.95
Massage Pillow Zebra Pattern Massage Sensory Pillow

Vibration helps circulation and provides comfort!

Price: $39.95

plate-guard Plate Guard for Eating

Helpful dining product to prevent spills!

Price: $9.95
day-monitor-dementia-wall-desk-clock-alzheimers Dementia Day Clock

Reduces anxiety & helps maintain daily routines!

Price: $99.99

pain-assessment-chart Pain Assessment Chart

Perfect way to communicate discomfort & the source of pain...

Price: $87.00