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It is important to have activities for those with dementia, Alzheimer's and others who suffer from similar types of memory loss. Stimulating activities will help seniors remain engaged with the outside world. In addition to providing a sense of purpose, activities for dementia patients can help to reduce feelings of agitation and aggression. When a variety of dementia activities are included in your patient’s daily routine, behaviors like wandering and rumination can often be reduced. Whether your loved one enjoys board games, reading, music, or working with their hands, you can find a new way to help them celebrate their passion. To help battle the early stages of the dementia, MindCare also carries an assortment of mind-strengthening activity books that will exercise cognitive skills and help them hold onto cherished memories.

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simple to use music player for Alzheimer's, dementia, stroke, arthritis and the elderly Simple Music Player

Pre-loaded music player with simplified controls!

Price: $184.95

tv-remote-control-for-seniors TV Remote for Seniors

Large, simplified buttons keeps TV stress-free!

Price: $44.95

twiddles-activity-muffs-Alzheimer's-dementia Twiddle Activity Muff

A soothing activity for the hands!

Price: $49.95

magic painting book for Alzheimer's, dementia, stroke, Autism and seniors with Arthritis Magic Painting Book

Stimulate creative minds!

Price: $15.00

one-button-dementia-radio One Button Radio

A simple way to listen to one's favorite radio station!

Price: $128.95

Art Ball Fidget Activity ART Ball Activity Game

A great activity to keep creative minds stimulated!

Price: $29.95

dementia - classic oldies songs - collection Classic Oldies Songs - Music Collection

100's of Classic Oldies Songs!

Price: $95.00
paint with water dementia activity book Paint with Water Activity Book Set

A no mess art activity that can be used over and over!

Price: $34.95

Busy Work Board Alzheimer's Dementia Activity Busy Work Board - Alzheimer's Activity

Keeping busy is essential to prevent boredom + isolation!

Price: $99.95

Hobby Art and Life Station for Alzheimer's and Dementia Hobby + Life Station | Art

Great for the creative artist!

Price: $1,675.95
Hobby Handy Work and Life Station for Alzheimer's and Dementia Hobby + Life Station | Handy Work

Great for handy(wo)men!

Price: $1,150.95
Hobby Garden Work and Life Station for Alzheimer's and Dementia Hobby + Life Station | Garden Work

Great for the green thumb!

Price: $1,150.95
Hobby Laundry Work and Life Station for Alzheimer's and Dementia Hobby + Life Station | Laundry

Great for keeping busy!

Price: $1,150.95
Adult magic painting book for Alzheimer's, dementia, stroke, Autism and Elderly. Christmas theme! Magic Painting Book | Christmas

The perfect holiday gift!

Price: $15.00

fiddle-hand-muffs-Alzheimers-dementia-twiddle-activity Fiddle Hand Muffs

Two Fiddle Muff styles to choose from!

Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $44.95
Savings: $5.00

Busy Work Board Alzheimer's Dementia Lap Activity Busy Work Board - Lap Activity

Great activity for the lap or table top!

Price: $49.95

activity-lap-pillow Activity Pillow

Great to keep busy and restless hands active!

Price: $75.95

activity-handyman-box-alzheimers-tinker-activity Handyman Activity Box for Dementia

Great for men, builders and tinkerers!

Price: $79.00

dementia-therapy-puzzles-pretty-kitty Therapy 12 pc Pretty Kitty Puzzle

A must for cat lovers!

Price: $19.95
mothballs-in-my-attic-book Mothballs in My Attic Workbook

Mothballs In My Attic Activity Workbook

Price: $19.95
thumball-memory-activity Thumball Memory Activity

Fun and excersise for seniors!

Price: $14.50

ungame-for-seniors Ungame for Seniors

Helps people connect as they discover things in common!

Price: $9.99

gel-wave-pad Gel-Wave Activity Pad

Gel Wave Pad keeps hands busy and dexterous!

Price: $29.95
activity-apron Activity Apron

Keeps hands busy!

Price: $55.50
plumbers-pal-pipes Plumbers Pal Pipes

Handy building activity!

Price: $24.95

conversation-picture-cards Conversation Starter Cards | Full Set

Great conversation builder!

Price: $69.95

dementia-therapy-puzzles-going-out Therapy 12 pc Going Out Puzzle

Man's best friend!

Price: $19.95

dementia-therapy-puzzles-red-white-and-blue Therapy 12 pc Red, White & Blue Puzzle

A great puzzle for Vets, Americans and NY'ers!

Price: $19.95
dementia-therapy-puzzles-relaxing-with-friends Therapy 12 pc Relaxing with Friends Puzzle

A perfect puzzle for pet lovers!

Price: $19.95
dementia-therapy-puzzles-roses-for-you Therapy 12 pc Roses for You Puzzle

A perfect puzzle for Mom!

Price: $19.95
dementia-therapy-puzzle-making-music Therapy 12 pc Making Music Puzzle

A great activity to stimulare the mind!

Price: $19.95
Massage Pillow Zebra Pattern Massage Sensory Pillow

Vibration helps circulation and provides comfort!

Price: $39.95


Dementia patients benefit greatly from participation in activities, especially those they enjoy. Caregivers who plan, organize, encourage and share in the senior activities gain great satisfaction from the experience. Here are some of the benefits those with dementia may experience from a successful activity.

Enjoy happier daily life bringing enjoyment & pleasure

Increase feelings of self worth, social interaction & reduce isolation

Enhance and maintain general health

Maintain memory and offer a break from the everyday caring routine

Enhance and maintain communication skills

Strengthen and maintain muscles & increase flexibility

Reduce nervous tension and behavior

Decrease wandering and increase nighttime sleep